The Brand

Good design matters – it puts your customers first and has a direct impact on profits.

Maple Moose is a fun, vibrant and visually striking brand that people remember. It has a strong and unique appeal across generations, nationalities and demographics.

With today’s consumers looking for more affordable treats, we have a range of products including crepes, ice cream, milkshakes, Moose coffees and Moose slush drinks which offer the customer both excellent value and quality; a quick solution for the ‘treat me now’ market.

We have achieved the right balance of service, customer facilities and ambience that appeals to today’s market and satisfies every customer’s expectations while still being financially rewarding for the owner.

Food presentation and preparation is sited in full view of the customer, providing a theatre that is fun to watch and encourages sales. The typically delighted response of our Maple Moose customers makes our stores great places to work in.

Once a new store opens you will find that brand loyalty rapidly develops, attracting regular customers who appreciate the quality and reliability of Maple Moose.
Maple Moose outlets appeal to the following;

  • Families wanting a quick meal or snack with a wide range of accessible price points.
  • Shoppers, office workers, tourists.
  • All age groups and demographics.
  • Impulse buyers.

Our product range is easy and fast to deliver, and with no direct food contact our systems ensure the highest standards of food hygiene. Our products are all natural and our eye-catching packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.

Contact us to discuss the scope of the brief, your objectives and we will show you how best to achieve a profitable business within the timescale and budget available.

Maple Moose designed my premises, from the exterior through all aspects of the interior. Their visuals were so good, what I saw was exactly what I got! It was a first class job and on budget. The Maple Moose promise comes true.

Neil Byrne, Maple Moose Strandhill

Unique Brand

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