Why Maple Moose?

The owners of the Maple Moose UK are operators themselves and have a combined business experience of over 60 years, coming from different commercial backgrounds including branding, store design, POS, marketing and distribution

So you can be confident that the Maple Moose concept we have put together has everything you will need to guarantee success. You will be competing effectively with leading operators.

If you are ready to take that giant step into running your own business, we can make it very simple for you by offering the following;

  • High margins – achieving 72% gross.
  • Easy to operate – low skill level.
  • Cost effective fit out in a small footprint.
  • Reliable brand value that is unique; knowledge of the products and equipment proven to consistently deliver quality.
  • Planning the store design to maximise seating numbers whilst avoiding pinch points and ensuring customer areas are welcoming and comfortable with all the appropriate facilities and equipment.
  • Access to our exclusive crepe mix; it is very simple to use – just add water to create perfect crepe batter. Our Maple Moose crepe mix ensures excellent quality control and means you can easily regulate product costs.
  • Minimal waste.

We have operators who have been so pleased with their success that they have opened additional outlets.

“Maple Moose really hit the ideal target audience. It is a complete turnkey operation from initial on-site evaluation to staff training, marketing, menu design and cost controls. I am very pleased how the Maple Moose brand has worked in my location.”

Emer Vahey, Maple Moose Shoreline Leisure Centre

72% Gross Profits

Easy to operate

Low skill level

Strong branding





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